Todd Eldredge Biography

Stars on iceBorn August 28, 1971, Todd James Eldredge grew up in the small town of Chatham, Massachusetts. Todd’s father, John, is a commercial fisherman, while his mother Ruth made a living as a licensed practical nurse.

At the age of five, Todd received his very first pair of hockey skates. After skating for two weeks, Todd asked his parents for a pair of figure skates so he could jump and spin.

Todd quickly fell in love with figure skating, often standing by his parents’ bed early in the morning asking to visit the rink.

By the time Todd reached the age of 10, he had been working with coach Richard Callaghan and left home to live with a family friend in Philadelphia to train with Richard full-time.

With his mother by his side, Todd moved from Philadelphia to Colorado Springs and San Diego. Todd’s father and brother Scott remained in Chatham. It wasn’t until Todd and Richard moved to Detroit that Ruth returned to Chatham.

In 1983, Todd’s training had become a heavy financial burden, so much so that his parents nearly ended his lessons with Richard and brought him back home to Massachusetts. Members of the Chatham community banded together to raise the funds needed to help Todd fulfill his dream.

Todd’s career quickly took off. In 1985, after training with Richard for four years, Todd was named U.S. Novice National Champion. Two years later, he won the U.S. Junior National Champion title, and in 1988, he became the Junior World Champion.

Todd competed in the World Championships in 1991, and took home the bronze medal. In 1992, he achieved his goal of competing in the Olympics, but a back injury kept him from performing his best. Todd finished tenth.

After facing a series of setbacks, Todd seriously considered quitting figure skating. He called this period in his life the “worst of times.” While others wrote off his career, Todd regained focus and began training harder.

But days before the 1994 Nationals, Todd contracted a bad case of the flu. Despite his illness, he competed, but came in fourth and failed to qualify for the Olympic team.

After a three-year absence, Todd returned in 1995 to the podium and claimed the U.S. National title, and would go on to take home a silver medal in the World Championships.

Todd would compete in the 1996 World Championships in Canada, where his performance was praised for its artistry and difficulty.

In 1998, Todd skated in the free-skate warm-up in the Olympic season, but tripped and fell on an ice chip, dislocating his shoulder. Todd had his shoulder popped back into place, and continued skating. His performance was met with a standing ovation and excellent scores from the judges.

Todd closed the 1998 season with the Goodwill Games, where he took home the gold medal. The crowd erupted in cheers each time he stepped onto the ice.

In 2002, Todd earned a place on the Olympic team, and was part of the honor-guard tasked with carrying the flag from the World Trade Center.

Todd would go on to place sixth overall at the Salt Lake City Games. While he never placed on the podium, Todd’s performance was memorable.

Before the games officially concluded, Todd announced his retirement from Olympic skating. He ended his career as a six-time World medalist, World Champion, three-time Olympian and six-time U.S. National Champion.

Todd joined the Stars on Ice tour after the games, and signed on to a six-year contract as a headliner. He began his career by expanding his artistic scope and trying new styles and music.

Todd skated in his first ISU regulation program in 2007.

Today, Todd lives in Florida and continues to train with Richard. The two will head the figure skating program at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida, where he will provide training when he is not on the road.

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