GFSC Press Conference & Autograph Session - Rochester, NY 06/23/00
Colette Chaintreuil

I got there a little before 3 pm and there were a few young skaters and their parents hanging around the lobby. Todd and Richard were back in the lounge (it looked like Todd was going over what he was going to say). The TV crews set up and the press conference started a little late.

I think that I was the only one in the room that wasn't associated with Stacey or the press. Richard started off speaking of how he became involved in Rochester and of course coaching Stacey. Then Todd spoke of the support that he got from Chatham and how much it meant to him. Then (the generous guy that he is) Todd gave the Genesee Figure Skating Club a check for $5,000 for the training fund.

Stacey spoke last and was brief in her thanks for Todd and Richard and then of course for all the support that Rochester has given her already. Todd nudged her and said to say something about the Olympics which she did and he said "hopefully we'll both be there".

The news crews then interviewed Stacey, Todd and Richard separately. I caught Todd saying that Stacey was "one of the skater's that amazes me with the jumps...."

The event proceeded with Todd and Stacey getting out on the rink. They were given a 5-10 minute warm up time alone.

Before Todd got on the ice I ended up next to him and asked him a few questions...First I told him that I was the representative for the spiral edge mailing list and would be taking calendar pictures :o)....then I asked him why he did the HGTV special and he said "why not" :o) He said that it was fun to do. Golf wise....he is planning on the Jimmy V and then a few things locally in Michigan and then Scott Hamilton's Circle of Friends tourny (unfortunately I think this is closed to the public)....I heard him say that he would be back training next week and heard Richard saying that he was getting therapy on the ankle everyday and no surgery is planned.

Todd and Stacey skated around and slowly they let people out on the ice. There was a good sized group there (I am not good with numbers) and Todd and Stacey just skated around chatting with people. Then people started trying to get pictures and autographs. Everyone was making lines and Todd stood there smiling and signing for at least 30-45 minutes. The one that I loved was the 3 or so year old whose Mom was trying to get a picture and the baby was crying...Todd was very good with her!